Why use an umbrella company

Using an umbrella company like Pebble Contracting is the simplest and safest way for most contractors to get paid. Through a robust payroll system, contractors will be able to make PAYE and national insurance contributions at the correct level and avoid unexpected tax bills at the end of the financial year. For the client, they effectively have a payroll department that can deliver a paper trail and shoulder all the admin that must be carried out when using contractors.

Benefits for the Contractor

  • Workplace pension,
  • Holiday pay
  • Maternity / paternity pay
  • Customer support
  • Take home pay projections
  • Simple Sign-Up
  • Insurance Cover
  • Employee Benefit
  • Fees that are tax deductible
  • Peace of Mind

Benefits for the client

  • Payroll management
  • Right to work checks carried out
  • Eligibility checks
  • Swift payments
  • Minimal administration
  • Customer service
  • Accurate information

Whether you are a contractor looking for the reassurance of a simple way to get paid and cover your contributions, or you run your own business and want a company that can take on your payroll management then look no further than Pebble Contracting, a reliable umbrella company.