Taking the step to become self-employed and assuming control over how you make an income is an empowering step to make. The concept of being in full control of setting your own prices and working how and when you like is a fantastic one, because it puts you back in the driving seat of your career and it allows you to work in a more flexible way.

While working in a self-employed capacity as a sub-contractor can be a really great way to work and earn an income – there are tons of positives in this kind of career move – the issue is that there are certain aspects that can become a little complex, such as managing the administrative side of things, like your tax and insurance.

The process of making time to stay on top of these kinds of issues on a regular basis can seem almost impossible at times, especially if you have a rather busy schedule. This is where a handy service that deals with all of this for you such as Pebble Contracting can be invaluable.

What is Pebble?

What’s so special about Pebble and what do we offer our self-employed clients? At Pebble, we are a one-stop-shop for sub-contractors, self-employed people and trades people across the UK, offering a supportive service that removes the stress and worry from managing personal tax and general pay management.

For a set weekly fee, we can offer each of our clients, guidance and support when it comes to managing financial admin and paying the right amount of tax and insurance.

How can Pebble help you to better manage your financial requirements?

Take the stress out of dealing with payroll admin, personal insurance, and any other tax obligations by signing up to Pebble and paying one simple fee. It’s quick, easy and removes the stress from the process of dealing with your taxes and finances yourself.

At Pebble, we use a simplified payroll system where invoices can be processed, pay slips can be generated, and we can help you to keep track of your earnings and all the other financial necessities of working in a self-employed or sub-contractor role.

All you need to do is pay our fee – which can be claimed back at the end of the tax year – and our team of financial and administrative specialists can help to take care of all your financial obligations in a less stressful way.

From using our specialist payroll system to process your invoices, generate pay slips, and keep track of your earnings, to dealing with issues around employment liability, tax and personal accident cover – and so much more – we’re on hand to help with whatever you need.

Whether you’re a self-employed worker, a sub-contractor, or an employer, our diverse range of financial and administrative tools at Pebble can help you to manage your finances in a more organised and prepared manner, taking stock of your financial obligations.

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